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KYOCERA to Acquire 100% Ownership of California-Based SLD Laser

2020-11-23 02: 02

Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereafter “Kyocera”) today announced that it has concluded an agreement with California, U.S.-based SLD Laser (formally named Soraa Laser Diode, Inc.) to acquire 100% ownership of SLD Laser. Under the agreement, SLD Laser plans to begin operating as a Kyocera group company upon approval of regulatory authorities.* 1

SLD Laser is a world leader in the commercialization of gallium nitride (GaN) based laser light sources and was established in 2013 as a technology startup. SLD Laser has won commercial success by developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative laser-based products with high efficiency and luminance for mobility, specialty lighting, consumer, and industrial applications. It has obtained safety certifications from ANSI/UL*2 and IEC*3 for its high-brightness laser light sources, and is dedicated to the safe and successful application of laser-based innovations.

SLD Laser was recently ranked 7th in Fortune magazine’s “2020 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & ProductionTM,” *4 having promoted an employee-centric corporate culture since its founding.

Kyocera is committed to expanding and developing its business as well as contributing to the growth of various industries through creating new products and cultivating new markets, aiming to attain great synergies by integrating SLD Laser’s advanced GaN expertise with its own production technologies and R&D capabilities in fine ceramic-related businesses.

For more information regarding SLD Laser, please visit https://www.sldlaser.com/

For more information regarding SLD Laser, please visit https://www.sldlaser.com/

*1 Operation will start after receiving the approval from regulatory authorities regarding national antitrust and investment regulations
*2 American National Standards Institute / Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
*3 International Electrotechnical Commission
*4 https://www.greatplacetowork.com/best-workplaces/manufacturing-and-production/2020?category=small-and-medium



TrendForce 2020 Global Automotive LED Product Trend and Regional Market Analysis
Release Date: 30 June 2020 (PDF);30 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 (EXCEL)
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