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Future Lighting Solutions introduces Optisolis, Nichia’s new Ultra-High CRI White LED

2018-03-13 06: 06

Future Lighting Solutions announces the immediate availability of Optisolis from Nichia, the most advanced Ultra-High Color Rendering white LED the world has ever seen.

(Image: Nichia)

Optisolis represents a true revolution in lighting performance, achieving Ultra High CRI with a spectrum that is second only to the sun itself, and it is now optimized for the general lighting market. FLS customers who purchase Optisolis will be able to trust in the fullest possible spectrum, where all colors appear as they would under the light of the sun.

“Optisolis full spectrum lighting technology represents Nichia’s commitment to designers in delivering a light source that dramatically improves color reproduction where it truly matters,” said Jaysen Jones, Global Product Marketing Manager at Future Lighting Solutions. “The decision to first launch Optisolis in the industry-leading 757 Mid-Power thermoset package gives engineers great design versatility between light quality and high efficiency solutions, all in the same platform.”

Optisolis is the new standard where Ultra High CRI is a critical determinant of performance and success in applications such as medical, defense, aerospace, and color evaluation. Its circadian rhythm-supportive properties make it ideal for human-centric and healing environments such as spas, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and care facilities. Optisolis enhances commercial and retail businesses by delivering a depth of beauty and brilliant color that only the sun can rival.

"Nichia LEDs have always represented the definition of color quality in the lighting industry,” said Erik Swenson, General Manager, Nichia Americas. “We are very excited to raise the bar once again, and deliver a level of color quality that designers never thought they’d see in an LED."

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