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Marktech Releases Multi-wavelength Emitters, Detectors and LEDs for Wearables

2018-12-06 04: 52

Marktech Optoelectronics, a U.S.-based optoelectronic components manufacturer, announced that it has launched a product collection for wearable applications.

The company introduces standard and custom emitters and detectors, in both multi-wavelength and hybrid designs and in UV, visible, infrared, and SWIR ranges for hospital-grade flexible, stretchable and wearable devices. Marktech supports wearable devices including fitness trackers; cardiac, oxygen, and blood pressure monitors; audiological diagnostic devices; non-invasive optical chemical sensing; and indoor/outdoor UV-level detection.

(Image: Marktech)

Marktech provide a wide range of multi-wavelength emitter-detector combinations for wearable designs which requires more advanced onboard monitoring and detection capabilities. These combinations may be seamlessly integrated into a single package along with a multi-wavelength range detector. A number of options are also available to effectively address specialty requirements for hermetic sealing, temperature extremes, and humid or moisture-rich environments.

In addition, Marktech’s high-brightness LEDs and LED emitters are routinely specified for wearable displays and remote physiological monitoring requirements. Standard LED emitters are offered in wavelengths from 280 nm to 1720 nm, with expanded wavelengths by special request. These Marktech LED emitters can be further optimized for low power consumption. Such optimizations can result in increased wearable device battery life, while still maintaining required output levels. In applications requiring the incorporation of a white LED, an assortment of color temperature and CRI are available, as well as lower-profile direct-attach (DA) type chip packages.

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