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【TILS 2019】Beautiful Light Corporation Released New Products

2018-12-27 04: 03

The most convenient home monitor
 Use App to remote monitoring

 Child/elder care and security
 Sound and images are saved in SD card and smartphone without clouds, no information disclosure
 1000lm (80W incandescent bulbs or 23W energy saving bulb)

Smart Home Lighting
 We offer three different technical support of IOT Color Changing Lamp, in addition to Bluetooth, there are WIFI, Zigbee choices.

Industrial Lighting
 Long Lifetime 50000hrs
 NTC Design: Available for sealed fixture
 5KV Surge Protection Device(W. external up to 10KV)
 High Brightness


Smart lighting, idea life,
 The most convenient home monitor
 Create charming lighting atmosphere
 Lovely life Lovely Light Lovely atmosphere

BLTC PA (Power amplifier)
 Bluetooth module
 Designing for outdoor fixture/long range control
 Outdoor/Sealed/High isolation
 PA Modules for long Range:100-150M

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