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【TILS 2019】TES Released New 135A Color Meter

2018-12-28 05: 15



  • Check the color difference between two samples.
  • Economical, Portable and easy to use.
  • Color difference displayed Δ(L*,a*,b*), Δ(E*ab,
C*ab, H*ab), Δ(Y, x, y), Δ(X, Y, Z), Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs) or Δ(WI, YI, Tw)
  • Color space displayed (L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab), 
(Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z), (Rs, Gs, Bs) or (WI, YI, Tw).
  • Statistical function (Maximum, Minimum, Average and Standard Deviation)
  • Color difference tolerance set to perform PASS / WARN / FAIL.
  • Store 9 color – difference target colors.
  • User calibration function ensures higher accuracy.
  • Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function.
  • Mini-USB interface.
  • Auto Power off function.



Triple 4 digit LCD display

Illuminating / Viewing geometry

45° / 0° : Illumination at 45°, measurement at 0°

Measuring area

Approx. f10mm

Display modes

Color difference Δ(L*,a*,b*), Δ(E*ab,C*ab, H*ab), 
Δ(Y, x, y), Δ(X, Y, Z), Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs) or Δ(WI, YI, Tw).

Color space (L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab), (Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z), 
(Rs, Gs, Bs) or (WI, YI, Tw).

Target color memory

9 channel ; set by measurement or keypad

Measuring range

L* : 5 to 100

Measurement conditions

Observe : CIE 2° Standard Observer.

Illuminant : White LED lamp.


Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.5

(Measurement conditions : Average of measurements of standard white plate).

Minimum interval between measurements

Approx. 2 seconds

Auto data Memory & Read

99 sets

Auto power off

Approx. 3 minutes

Power source

One 9V battery or DC 9V AC adapter input

Battery life

Approx. 500 measurements at 10 – sec intervals

Operating temperature/humidity range

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) ; less than 85% relative humidity

Storage temperature/humidity range

-10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F) ; less than 70% relative humidity


172mm ×118mm ×46mm


Approx. 220g


Instruction manual, White calibration card, Battery,
Mini-USB cable, Software CD.

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