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LEDinside: Lighting LED Package Products Prices Drop by a Small Margin in April, with Suppliers Searching for a Way out Via Niche Market Development

2019-05-15 02: 52

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, points out in its latest price report that China's mainstream high-power and mid-power LED package products registered a marginal drop in April, 2019, among which lighting LED package product prices continued their descent through April, with high-power products dropping by around 1%, and mid-power LED products dropping by 1%-4%.

TrendForce Analyst Terri Wang asserts that suppliers are continually capitalizing on niche markets to carve a way out of this ditch. Lumileds, for example, added a new 120° dome-shaped product in its horticultural LED product series, LUXEON SunPlus 20. The 120° mode of radiation may allow plants to receive a larger amount of light to satisfy the needs of many planters. A new series of IR LED products was also released: the LUXEON IR 2720 series, which is able to provide radiation powers of 1300/1250mW under 940/850nm wavelengths.

Prices for automotive LED package products this month remained stable. Looking at the product trend, we see tail lights becoming more and more diversified, personalized and reliant on the developmental and technological expertise of LED package manufacturers as car suppliers seek to add value. Although mini LEDs have not yet been introduced into automotive lighting, manufacturers such as Everlight, Lite-On and Lextar have already developed conceptual mini LED products for tail lights. As for headlights, there is an ever more evident trend of products going intelligent as ideas like new energy cars and self-driving cars receive widespread acceptance. Matrix LED headlights and headlights with smart projection function form the foci of major international manufacturers. Moreover, headlight products are becoming more and more compact and flat.

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