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Covestro introduces innovative polycarbonate materials for LED general lighting industry

2019-06-12 02: 50

During Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019, the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia, as one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech polymer materials, Covestro is introducing its polycarbonate solutions in LED Lighting Industry. The innovative solutions, including the lens material grade, Makrolon® LED5102, and diffusion material grades,Makrolon® DQ family, can be widely used for LED general lighting application such as road light, high bay light, tri-proof light,etc.

Makrolon® LED5102 is a UV-stabilized polycarbonate for secondary optics in the general lighting industry. Its high transparency and long lifetime enable manufacturers to meet the demanding requirements of their lighting customers. Good flowability allows injection molding of large parts with complex geometries still maintaining high mechanical properties.

Over time, Makrolon® LED5102 features better retention of light transmittance with less yellowing, mechanical stability under exposure of LED light and heat, better long term performance (efficacy measured by lumen per Watt) in luminaires, and possibilities for cost reduction by using less LEDs. It makes the world an even brighter place – through quality and longevity.

Makrolon® DQ (Diffusion Quality) family: DQ5122, DQ5142 and DQ5162 fits for luminaire with large diffusors such as tri-proof luminaire, ceiling luminaire, etc. It offers you three products with three tailored half power angles providing you the right hiding power for your luminaire. It also provides upmost light transmission outplaying existing Makrolon® products achieving up to 10 % more light transmission improving your luminaire efficacy. Besides, its high flowability guarantees fast cycle times.

For example, it has been shown by our customers that a tri-proof luminaire diffusor made of Makrolon® DQ5122 achieves 6 % more lumen output compared to a standard Makrolon® product at same ability to diffuse light and same processability. This enables luminaire manufactures to make a more powerful luminaire (i.e., be brighter) or improve the efficacy (Lumen / Watt).

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