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Hubbell Lighting Launches Disinfection Lighting with High Intensity Narrow Spectrum Technology

2019-07-29 02: 09

Hubbell Lighting announced the launch of a series of visible light disinfection SpectraClean luminaires. These luminaires combine white and narrowband 405 nm visible light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements while providing disinfection function.

(Image: Hubbell Lighting)

Hubbell Lighting is the exclusive licensee of University of Strathclyde's High Intensity Narrow Spectrum ("HINS") lighting technology. HINS lighting technology can suppress bacteria in the air and on surfaces using a narrow spectrum of visible light. According to Hubbell Lighting, the antimicrobial light from SpectraClean induces the production of damaging reactive oxygen species in harmful microorganisms to accelerate cell inactivation.

SpectraClean has been designed to provide continuous environmental disinfection with four operation modes. The product series can be used independently as a LED light source or disinfection lighting as well as combining both lighting and disinfection functions.

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