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Micro LED Joint Venture Luumii Enters Mass Production Phase

2019-08-14 02: 51

Luumii, a joint venture (JV) of Rohinni and KoJa, announced that its Micro and Mini LED-based solutions for notebook computer keyboard backlights and logo lighting are in mass production. These solutions enable notebook designers to take advantage of the significant benefits of incorporating Micro and Mini LEDs into products, including savings in size and power consumption and enhancing product features and user experience via colors and animation.

Luumii’s initial monthly production output is 40,000 units. By the end of the year, the company will be operating four full manufacturing cells with capacity of 100,000 units per month. Luumii is working with several notebook OEMs on the currently shipping keyboard backlights and logos, and expects the products incorporating Luumii’s technologies to be available for consumer purchase later this year.

(Luumii Mini and Micro LED solutions include backlighting for keyboards (top) and logos (bottom)
that emit high brightness with very low power consumption. Image: Rohinni)

“Luumii was formed to offer the industry a cost-competitive, first-class solution for notebook and tablet backlighting that could be repeatably produced in high volumes,” stated Luumii CEO Kevin Lin. “We have attained this objective by entering mass production and anticipate ramping very quickly between now and the end of the year to meet customer volume requirements. Rohinni and KoJa bring unique capabilities to this effort that are allowing us to make significant inroads in the industry and move into new market applications.”

The Luumii solution is ramping at an optimal time for the industry, as the company estimates it will reach monthly usage of 2 million blue, 700,000 red, and 700,000 green Mini LEDs by the end of 2019. Luumii’s process allows design flexibility, optical performance, creativity and differentiation, as well as z-height package reduction and power savings. The Rohinni technology at its core yields products that are up to 60 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter than current solutions, while lowering power consumption by as much as 93 percent.

Rohinni, a developer of enabling technology for design and production of Mini LED and Micro LED based products, and KoJa, the manufacturer of computer keyboard membrane switches, established Luumii in December 2016. The JV was formed to allow Rohinni to meet high-volume demand for its breakthrough Micro LED technology in keyboard and logo backlighting, and to enable KoJa to provide another key piece of the keyboard system.

The Luumii manufacturing facility is located in Suzhou, China and its R&D and corporate offices are housed in Taipei, Taiwan.

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