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AMS Fails to Takeover Osram but Aims to Continue Acquisition

2019-10-04 22: 25

AMS failed to complete its Osram takeover plan despite that it has raised the bid to EUR 4.5 billion (US$ 4.9 billion) with the price of EUR 41 (US$ 45) per share. However, the sensor maker said that it will continue pursuing the acquisition of Osram.

AMS reported on October 4 that it did not reach the minimum acceptance threshold of 62.5% required for completing Osram takeover. Instead, the final acceptances level was 51.6% including its direct shareholding of 20%, making AMS the current largest shareholder of Osram.

The sensor company, however, still sees the integration with Osram critical for extend its strength in automotive business as a way to decrease its reliance on Apple. CEO of ams, Alexander Everke, said, “We intend to leverage our position as Osram's largest shareholder in a dialog with Osram as we continue to pursue the full acquisition of the company, securing a solid future for Osram.”

On the other hand, Osram is still looking forward to the offer from Advent and Bain, who suggested proposing a superior offer to Osram on September 25 and raised the bidding. The German company indicated that it will invite AMS management to “engage in discussions on the nature of a meaningful and mutually beneficial collaboration within the framework of legal requirements.”

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