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TCL to Sell Its Mini LED Backlit TVs on Best Buy

2019-10-09 03: 43

Mini LED backlit products are entering the end market with TCL partners Best Buy to sell its 8-Series TVs that adopting Mini LED backlight technology and quantum dot color technology.

The China-based company has presented its 8K QLED TVs and Mini LED TVs at different international events since 2019 and is now ready to bring the product into the consumer market.

The Mini LED backlit TVs of TCL were developed via the cooperation with Chinese panel maker CSOT. A 65-inch AM LED backlight display with 5,000 dimming zone was showcased at Display Week 2019 in May. The company seems to successfully implement manufacture solutions to lower production cost as the products are now being sold on Best Buy.

According to TCL, the 2019 8-Series TCL TV models feature with more than 25,000 individual Mini-LEDs powering the 75-inch 8-Series TV. In addition, quantum contrast yields a major improvement in picture performance including improvement of brightness, substantial increase in Contrast Control Zones® (local dimming zones), and improved light distribution throughout the screen.

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