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Seoul Semiconductor Extends the Patent Auction until February 2020

2019-12-13 03: 25

In November, Seoul Semiconductor announced that it will auction its patent portfolio of radio frequency (RF) and LED package. As the market response has been enthusiastic since the company released the auction, Seoul Semiconductor reported extension of the auction until February 28, 2020.

In the first auction, Seoul Semiconductor is seeking the top bidder for 98 patent assets related to power amplifiers and gallium nitride (GaN) RF semiconductors, including 55 U.S. patents.

In the second auction, Seoul Semiconductor will auction 177 patents, including 76 U.S. patents, related to high and mid power LED packages, CSP (Chip Scale Packages) and adaptive lighting.

(Image: Seoul Semiconductor)

“Since our news release for the patent auction in November, numerous companies have expressed enthusiastic interest in the patent portfolios, and have asked enough time to review them. So we have decided an extension of bid deadline for both auctions given market interest,” said Seoul Semiconductor’s founder Chung Hoon Lee and SETi’s chief executive officer Chae Hon Kim.

The auction process is being handled by GoodIP, the digital licensing platform that helps tech companies and research centers identify licensing partners for their intellectual property.

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