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Orion Lighting Introduces Bacteria-Fighting LED Fixtures for Public Areas

2020-03-11 02: 16

Orion Lighting highlighted its offering of specialized lighting solutions to combat bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew in high-traffic areas such as schools, healthcare, foodservice and fitness facilities, including high-risk areas such as bathrooms, waiting areas, locker rooms and other public spaces.

Orion’s ISON™ LDRMH1 LED Fixture Features Britex™ Anti-Microbial Fixture Coating, Plus an Option to Add VioSafe™ Anti-Microbial Light Technology
Orion’s solutions utilize a combination of proprietary technologies, including its Britex anti-microbial lighting fixture coating, which inhibits growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew on the lighting fixture. Orion’s Britex coating comes standard on its ISON LED Retrofit Modular LDRMH1 fixture targeted for healthcare and other at-risk facilities.

(Image: Orion Lighting)

VioSafe™ Anti-Microbial White Light Technology Offers 24/7 Protection
VioSafe™, a continuous 24/7 white light disinfection option powered by patented technology from Orion partner Vital Vio, is an added option in the LDRMH1 product line. Vital Vio’s revolutionary VioSafe technology uses white light to continuously protect environments from harmful bacteria, to help keep the occupants safe. Unlike UV lights which cannot be used when humans are present, VioSafe lights are harmless to humans and animals and safe for continuous 24/7 usage. VioSafe technology is installed in conjunction with conventional LED lighting systems and can be outfitted in any facility seeking continuous antimicrobial protection, as the technology integrates easily with existing network systems and controls.

Orion CEO, Mike Altschaefl, commented, “In response to rising customer awareness of potential environmental dangers, we are raising awareness of Orion’s innovative and proven solutions for combatting a range of bio-contaminants. We believe our Britex fixture coatings and VioSafe white-light technology provide compelling solutions for high risk, high traffic environments.”

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