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ZIGEN Launches World First Tunable White COB LED Based on Its Patented Technology

2020-03-19 03: 35

ZIGEN Lighting Solution based in Hiroshima Japan announced a tunable while COB LED product, which changes luminous color following the blackbody locus (BBL) by 2 channel inputs.

With its proprietary ON-BBL LED structure, the color range of ZIGEN’s tunable white COB LED product, ZG7BGXL5W00, is set from 2000K sunset color temperature, preventing middle color from becoming pinkish.

(Image: ZIGEN)

So far, luminaire manufactures have to take care Duv (deviation from the BBL) in the middle color when designing a tunable white application by 2 channels of warm white LEDs and cool white LEDs. Thus, the color temperature ranges in most of tunable white LED applications are set from 2700K or above, where the BBL is relatively straight.

(Source: ZIGEN)

Tomokazu Nada, CEO of ZIGEN Lighting Solution, said, “Color temperature range down to 2000K should be necessary for human centric lighting application, considering market success in dim to warm LED and researches in circadian rhythm

With the above aspects, ZIGEN is now ready to support ON-BBL tunable white COB LED samples and offer customized solutions to users.

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