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Micro LED Headlight Jointly Developed by Valeo and Cree in Test Drive

2020-04-30 04: 42

In a report covered by Driving Vision News (DVN) in December 2019, we found that Valeo’s PictureBeam system was tested. The adaptive driving beam (ADB) system was co-developed by Valeo and Cree with a resolution of nearly 4000 pixels to deliver road marking functions.

ADB system with high resolution is a trend for automotive lighting. Many automotive component manufacturers have teamed up with LED companies to develop LED array solutions based on Micro LEDs. The PictureBeam system created by Valeo and Cree is one of them. The two companies demonstrated that product at CES 2019.

(Image: Valeo)

According to Valeo and Cree, the PictureBeam Monolithic is the first complete high definition lighting system. This unique solution incorporates a scalable LED array in which the pixels of the light beam are formed directly at the light source. With 3696 pixels, the module produce a high definition beam and each of the pixel can be controlled individually to project road marking.

The DVN testing highlighted the importance of the delivering Lane Marking or Construction lines with different shapes available. Another function addressed is that is can project arrow at the exit with dynamic positioning upon the vehicle speed to help drivers identify the right way.

The testing demonstrate the possibility of Micro LED based automotive lighting. LEDinside also covered similar developments announced by Osram and Nichia respectively and will continue to focus on the progresses of Micro LED technology in automotive applications. The new report “2020 Global Automotive LED Market Report- Passenger Car and Box Truck” will be released in June 2020.

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