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Light Rider Introduces Quantum LiFi Technology to Improve Network Security

2020-10-14 02: 52

Light Rider announced its first two quantum encryption products poised to revolutionize network security for businesses and individuals. The company combines LiFi and quantum encryption technology for individual users. By marrying the two groundbreaking technologies, Light Rider is setting the stage for a new type of wireless networking with unparalleled security, improved speed and reduced latency.

(Image: Light Rider)

Light Rider recently filed patents for its innovative technology and its first two products will be available for purchase later this year. Light Rider LT and Light Rider Quantum both leverage quantum technologies, one using quantum software and the other with an onboard quantum processor. The end user can easily connect a variety of devices, including computers and mobile phones, through a software application. Next, the end user can select the data they wish to encrypt using Light Rider’s devices.

(Image: Light Rider)

Light Rider’s product suite mitigates security risks by using light to transmit and encrypt data rather than radio waves traditionally used for Wi-Fi connections. By using the existing light in the physical workspace of the user, unwelcomed individuals cannot access the connection remotely, making it nearly impossible to hack. In addition, all Light Rider products leverage the power of quantum computing to encrypt data to ensure maximum security.

The prevalence of cyberattacks continues to grow, with ransomware attacks increasing by 148 percent in March 2020. Today’s internet is easily hacked but the planned quantum internet will dramatically improve security. The quantum internet will allow quantum devices to exchange and process information within the quantum realm, enabling unprecedented capabilities. Light Rider products will work on both the conventional internet and the future quantum internet. As quantum data leaves fiber optic uplinks, Light Rider will deliver it directly to IoT devices while secured by quantum encryption.

Designed for businesses with highly sensitive data, such as health care organizations, financial institutions or government agencies and individual, at-home users, Light Rider’s current products, and those in development, will offer a variety of benefits covering security, speed and reduced latency.

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