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Top Dutch Soccer Club to Collaborate with Signify for Installation of UVC Disinfection System

2020-11-17 03: 10

Signify recently announced that it has reached an agreement to partner with top Netherlands-based soccer (association football) club PSV Eindhoven to install under-ceiling UVC air disinfection systems from Philips in the club’s facilities.

A total of 15 such systems will be installed for the club, in locations including lockers rooms in the Philips Stadion and indoor spaces in De Herdgang training facility. In particular, three UVC air disinfection systems will be installed in each of the locker rooms for the home and away teams in the Stadion, while Signify will install five and four systems in the locker room and infirmary at De Herdgang, respectively.

Signify indicates that UVC works by destroying the microbial molecular DNA and RNA structures in viruses and bacteria, thereby inactivating the pathogens. Signify’s solution is especially effective in inactivating airborne and surface-borne bacteria and viruses since its 253.7 nm ultraviolet wavelength is close to the required wavelength for pathogenic inactivation.

▲Philips’ under-ceiling UVC air disinfection system

Philips’ under-ceiling UVC air disinfection systems are suitable for use in high-traffic indoor areas. As indoor air naturally circulates up and down a room, the systems disinfect top-level air, which then flows downwards, providing a constantly circulating supply of clean air indoors. The systems are also equipped with shrouds and reflectors that prevent direct human exposure to UVC light, so as to provide a safe locker room environment for the athletes.

Sources indicate that the systems will be installed in November 2020. Needless to say, these products have to be installed by professionals in accordance with the necessary safety precautions and standards, as direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to human and animal skin and eyes.

(Photo Credit: Signify)

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