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Seoul Semiconductor to Launch WICOP TE for Headlamps with Thermal Management Effect for Electric Vehicles

2021-09-14 02: 36

align="left"> Ÿ   WICOP TE with weight reduction of headlamp for electric vehicles and outstanding improvement of heat dissipation performance
Ÿ   Seoul Semiconductor will introduce WICOP TE at DVN Workshop slated for September 21st in the US
ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that it launches WICOP TE (Top Electrode) significantly improving thermal efficiency of headlamps for vehicles. WICOP LED had been applied to 10% of the global vehicles production in 2020 and expects of electric vehicle market demand in the future, Seoul Semiconductor expects accelerate expansion of the market share in the global automotive lighting LED market of approximately USD 2.7 billion.
Due to the growing demand for electric vehicles, the interest in high-efficiency LED products for a light headlamp and less batteries consumption is increasing. Accordingly, the thermal dissipation performance of the headlamp has become an important task in order to improve the efficiency and lifetime against the temperature increase.
Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP TE for headlamps has deviated from the previous method of attaching the LED package to the printed circuit board (PCB) and can attach the package directly on the heatsink, designed to quickly discharge the heat generated in the headlamp.

Schematic comparison of standard LED (left) and WICOP TE (right)
The WICOP is the second generation technology of the LED industry and Seoul Semiconductor obtained a permanent injunction against 13 automotive lighting brand LED products infringing WICOP patents in 2021 July. Seoul Semiconductor will introduce this new ‘WICOP TE’ products, the natural sunlight spectrum LED ‘SunLike’ with the luxurious interior colors and beneficial effects on learning and good sleep, and UV LED ‘Violeds’ for disinfection in the automotive air conditioning systems at the DVN workshop in the U.S. on September 21, 2021. (www.drivingvisionnews.com)
“Weight reduction and heat dissipation performance of headlamps are more important due to increased demand for electric vehicles and slim headlamp design trends. Seoul Semiconductor has already applied high-efficiency and high-heat dissipation WICOP products to more than 100 global vehicle brands, and we expect to increase automotive LED sales through continuous demand expansion in the future,” said an official of Seoul Semiconductor.
Seoul Semiconductor has continued research and development in compound semiconductors for over 30 years, which has a product portfolio with all wavelengths (200nm to 1,600nm) ranging from ultra violet to visible ray and infrared ray (IR, VCSEL). Based on 14,000 patents, it is leading the LED technology in the global market.
Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP technology Projects
On-going Project
Confirmed Project
Car Models
About Seoul Semiconductor
Seoul Semiconductor is the world’s second-largest global LED manufacturer, a ranking excluding the captive market, and has more than 14,000 patents. Based on a differentiated product portfolio, Seoul offers a wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products for indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive, IT products, such as mobile phones, computer displays, and other applications, as well as the UV area. The company’s world’s first development and mass production products are becoming the LED industry standard and leading the global market with a package-free LED, WICOP; a high-voltage AC-driven LED, Acrich; an LED with 10X the output of a conventional LED, nPola; a cutting edge ultraviolet clean technology LED, Violeds; an all direction light emitting technology, filament LED; a natural sun spectrum LED, SunLike; and more. For more information, please visit www.seoulsemicon.com/en.
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