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Tokyo's Asahi Kasei Corporation Backs Ann Arbor-Based JustLight pbc with UV Investment

2021-09-14 21: 21

JustLight raises over $2M of seed funding to bring light to health care and hygiene.

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Asahi Kasei Corporation has committed its support in JustLight with another round of investment. This comes after JustLight was awarded funding in January from Asahi Kasei's UV Accelerator, a project that strives to attract new partnerships from countries around the globe to help create a safer world.

JustLight, a public benefit corporation, believes its light will fundamentally improve our health care system. Founder Peter Forhan, a 25-year-old inventor from Ann Arbor, Michigan, started the company during the pandemic. JustLight has since raised over $2 million to create health and wellness light products. The signature products — Halo, Sunflower and Violet — will be sold commercially upon FDA approval.

Forhan said gaining the confidence of a billion-dollar Japanese conglomerate allows his team to continue researching and developing the applications of light-based technology.

"When we demonstrate how Halo and Sunflower reinvent hygiene and health care, people are skeptical, saying, 'If this were true, it would have been done before.' This major follow-up investment by Asahi Kasei shows corporate confidence in our technology and how light can be harnessed to build a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable planet," Forhan said.

The additional round of investment will help JustLight accelerate the development, scientific demonstration and commercialization of its patented light technology and devices.

In addition to the monetary support, Asahi Kasei continues to grow its long-term partnership with JustLight with business and scientific support. As part of this investment, Asahi Kasei contributes further to JustLight's success with a Board Observer seat and a future licensing agreement.

"We are excited to support JustLight's ongoing product development. We see great possibilities with combining this technology with our Crystal IS UVC LEDs, and look forward to contributing to the development of innovative disinfection products for a safer transition to the post-COVID era," said Takashi Morishita, GM Asahi Kasei CVC.

JustLight is preparing to raise an additional round of funding this October, and Asahi Kasei's involvement has been an immense boost for the company, JustLight CEO Tripp Adams said.

"Asahi Kasei has been a true partner beyond their investments. We are a better company from their regular advice and encouragement," Adams said. "This investment and continued collaboration of our teams accelerates our technology development and, consequently, the speed in which we will be able to improve people's lives." 


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