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【Exclusive Interview】OPTOTECH Partners with Nichia to Develop High-Performance UV-C LED

2022-02-21 21: 31

Specializing in optoelectronic semiconductor solutions, OPTOTECH has grandly transformed into a third-generation semiconductor supplier. TrendForce had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jeffery Tai, spokesperson of OPTOTECH, who talked about the latest progress on the company’s partnership with Nichia for UV-C LED product development.

Mr. Jing-Fu Dai (left), OPTOTECH spokesperson

While OPTOTECH and Nichia have various projects in progress, this announcement focused on those related to UV-C LEDs. Nichia, a CSR-dedicated company, aims to create a disinfected, clean environment for greater safety, which OPTOTECH also shares. Therefore, OPTOTECH decided to work with Nichia to develop high-performance UV-C LEDs.

In 2020-2021, the UV-C LED market saw increasing emphasis on sterilization products among leading manufacturers and consumers because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, quality varies from product to product in the market, where portable products incapable of sterilization had the largest share due to their low costs. To turn the tables, OPTOTECH and Nichia jointly established a UV-LED project in 1Q21, targeting at long-term, meticulous research and development, and proceeded to packaging and trial production for the first time in 4Q21. In the project, Nichia provides UV-C LED chips, while OPTOTECH is in charge of packaging, centering on 60-100mW 6565 UV-C LEDs.

Tai emphasized that product development has been completed, where they are now optimizing the design of UV-C LED package products. The products are scheduled to be mass produced and shipped in 2Q22, marking their market entry. Subsequently, OPTOTECH will continue developing various products with different optical power and efficacy. Targeting at the Greater China market, the LED maker centers on water and air sterilization for home appliances; its highly reliable products not only meet the requirements of major home appliance companies but have cost advantages. Through the partnership, OPTOTECH and Nichia are committed to contributing to society by creating a clean and safe environment for the public.

Author: Joanne Wu, Research Manager / TrendForce


TrendForce 2022 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies
Release: 25 April 2022
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