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Apple Watch Reportedly to Come with Micro LED Starting Next year

2023-01-19 01: 41

On January 11, the foreign media reported that Apple will likely adopt Micro LED panels for highly priced Apple Watches next year, thereby bolstering morale among the long-term depressed panel industry. Taiwanese businesses from the top three Micro LED groups hold that the news will help expand the Micro LED market scale with increased popularity, which is favorable for the entire industry.

As Bloomberg reported, Apple is planning to introduce the customized self-developed 2.1" Micro LED panel to its advanced Apple Watch Ultra model in late 2024. The existing OLED panel will be replaced, consequently squeezing LGD’s and Samsung’s shipments of relevant products. Apple is also considering developing panels on its own by partnering with its suppliers in an effort to have more control over product features and designs.

Image credit: PAIXIN.COM

PlayNitride, a leading Micro LED manufacturer, holds a positive view about the tech giant’s decision. The LED maker has shipped its AR, MR, wearable, automotive and consumer product samples to customers, including automotive flexible circuits, chips for vehicle-mount displays and monitors with different sizes, expecting to see soaring sales in the coming years.

As market research company TrendForce indicated, the Micro LED market comprises three major alliances, namely those formed by “Ennostar, AUO and Innolux”, “BOE, HC SemiTek, BOE Pixey and BOE Jingxin” and “TCL, San’an and Chip Wealth Technology”. Recently, Hisense has increased its shareholding in Changelight, making it a new competitor in the Micro LED sector.

Institutional investors specified that Taiwanese Micro LED businesses have a better yield rate and more technological advantages, but whether they can become Apple’s suppliers remains uncertain. Apple’s plan to adopt Micro LED panels has yet to be clear, so it might be too early to say which of the said three alliances will benefit the most. Nevertheless, the news will indeed bring positive effects to the Micro LED market. (Source: Liberty Times Finance)

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