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XLamp® S Line Horticulture LEDs

2024-04-15 11: 38

New XLamp® S Line LEDs enhance growth, last longer, lower energy costs

Horticulture and other forms of agricultural lighting require application-tuned ratios of spectral content, high efficacy and long lifetimes. Whether you are interested in single color LEDs, broad spectrum phosphor-converted LEDs or combinations of the two, Cree LED has new products and upgraded performance across most of our horticulture portfolio to take your horticulture lighting products to the next level. Elevate your yields, reduce expenses and unlock new levels of success with Cree LED’s innovative solutions.
  • New S Line versions of the XLamp XP-G3 Photophyll™ Select, XP-G3 Royal Blue and XP-E2 Far Red LEDs feature the industry’s highest level of sulfur and corrosion resistance
  • XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LED efficiency improved by up to 14%

New S Line Horticulture LEDs

Cree LED has expanded its portfolio of XLamp horticulture LEDs with new S Line options:

Engineered with industry leading sulfur and corrosion resistance, these LEDs are built to thrive in demanding greenhouse environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Derived from proven technology used in outdoor lighting applications, our S Line LEDs now extend to horticulture, promising extended operational lifespans and heightened system reliability. With reduced replacement and repair costs, these LEDs offer a higher return on investment, making them ideal for maximizing yields and profits in greenhouse settings.

Improved XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line Efficiency

Cree LED continues deliver industry-leading horticulture performance through the XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LED with improvements to both voltage and radiant flux output, boasting up to 14% higher efficiency and a typical wall-plug efficiency of 84.8% at 350 mA, 25°C. Lower energy consumption translates to reduced costs while delivering optimal light intensity for plant growth, ultimately enhancing profitability for growers.


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